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Featured Products and Services

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DropSuite Email and Unlimited Data Backup

Peace of mind. Unlimited Email and Data backup with Dropsuite.

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LastPass Business Password Management

The ONLY password you’ll ever need to remember, ever again! Business version for industry standard compliance.

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Data Restoration Services

Quick turnaround time to restore data on Solid State or Hard Disk Drives (Apple or PC) and Cell Phones.

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Microsoft 365 Software Suites

Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. Different options to choose from.

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Dialpad Phone Service

Digital phone service featuring a robust modern interface.

Fast Pace of Changes

It is no secret, or surprise, that the business environment changes as quickly as technology changes. We know how frustrating that can be, especially when computers and servers start to creep along slowly and don’t work like they should. Computers quickly become outdated, and software rapidly changes. Sometimes viruses or malicious actors strike causing damage before anyone knows what hit, and suddenly things don’t function properly.  These are all scenarios that PTech can help prevent your business from experiencing.

PTech’s mission is to make your IT environment as easy as possible to understand and use with the newest advancements in technology.

It all starts with PTech actively listening to your need to implement the right solution as your trusted IT advisor.

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