Data Restoration Services

Restore valuable data lost due to data corruption or storage device damage.

Holding a 97% success rate, PTech’s offer to you:

“If we can’t recover it, you don’t pay.”

Logical Data Recovery

$350 Per Drive
  • Laptop Drives
  • Desktop Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • NAS/RAID (Per Drive)

Logical Data Recovery (+)

$450 Per Drive
  • Drives Larger than 2TB
  • Drives with USB 2.0
  • Drives with USB 3.0
  • Encrypted Bootable Drives

Hardware Data Recovery

$700 Per Drive
  • Stiction (Beeping)
  • MicroSD Card Monolith
  • CFast Monolith
  • Legacy Cell Phones
  • USB Drive Chip Off

Clean Room Data Recovery

$975 Per Drive
  • Physical Damaged Drives
  • Clicking Drives
  • Bad Read/Write Heads
  • Smart Cell Phones
  • Component Level Forensic

ISO 5 Class 100 certified clean room

Solid State / Hard Disk Drives (Apple or PC) and all Cell Phones restored in a ISO 5 Class 100 certified clean room.

3-5 days is normal service time, or optionally you can request “expedited service” for faster turnaround.

Five Star Data Recovery Services.

Cleanroom Specifications

ISO 5 or Class 100 Cleanrooms are an ultra-clean stringent classification of cleanrooms across a narrower cross section of industries and application types. ISO 5 Cleanrooms are utilized in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, and various cleantech manufacturing applications such as fine chemical, ion lithium battery, solar, active medical devices, and high-end film / packaging.

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